Knowing the Ropes (Kinky Lesbian Bondage Erotica)


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Jansey’s hopeless! After winning big at regionals, she ended up in bed with three other girls on her professional skipping team. Now hot lesbian group sex is all she can think about. Nakesha, Ruby, and Beatriz berate her for her lack of concentration, but there’s only one thing that’ll get her back on track: a repeat of that hot night when all hands were on her!
This kinky lesbian group sex short involves spandex bodysuits, bondage, and plenty of physical exertion. Originally published as “Double Dutch” in The Big Book of Bondage.
Word Count: 3,900
A wicked smile broke across Nakesha’s lips. “That’s all this is about? You’re just horny?”
Jansey squirmed against the rope, and against the ever-more-confining crotch of her one-piece. Her pussy lips were thick and throbbing, and she’d give anything in the world to touch herself right now.
“You make it sound like I’m horny in a general way. I’m not. I’m only hot for…” Jansey lowered her eyes and her voice. “…only for you guys…”
Ruby and Beatriz chuckled deeply. They were holding each other now, and Ruby cooed, “You gotta beg for it, little sister.”
A glimmer of hope shot through Jansey’s embarrassment. “Oh, I beg you… please!”
Beatriz approached, inching slowly across the gymnasium. “Gotta do better than that, kid.”
Why did they always call her kid, little sister, little girl? All four of them were the same age, all in third year at university, and she wasn’t that much shorter than Ruby or Beatriz. Maybe it was her manner. Granted, she was a little more childish than the rest of them-gullible and naïve at times, too.
“Please,” Jansey said, this time with all the desperation she felt in her body. “I need you to touch me and kiss me and lick me in all the right places, like you did that night.”
“I don’t know,” Ruby teased. The three of them closed in, looming tall above her. “How can we be sure it’ll improve your performance?”
“It will!” Jansey cried. She felt anxious now, her skin itchy, clit pounding, like if they didn’t do it she would just die. Her heart hammered so loudly it was all she could hear. “Please…I promise…please…”